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Echelon Reflect 40"

Echelon Reflect 40"

Echelon Reflect 40"



$999.99 Reflect + $39.99 Subscription

With Monthly/Annual Subscription

Prepare for the most innovative workout technology on the market. Reflect and Connect is a brand-new fitness technology product that could pass as an average household object, but in reality, redefines what it means to work out with your very own personal trainer. View your reflection on screen as your trainer guides you step by step to ensure your form and technique is accurate for the best results possible. Compete with friends or challenge your previous results with precise stats, every time. Grab your yoga mat and connect with the Echelon Reflective app to keep track of your output for the ultimate individualized experience. 

Product Features

Echelon Reflect 40"
  • “Heart-Track” Technology

    Our one-of-a-kind Echelon “Heart-Track” system shows your heart rate up to the second. Track your biometrics to perform at your best and keep you motivated even as your instructors turn up the heat.

  • Compete with Friends & Family

    Working out is always more fun with friends and family. The Reflect™ leader-board helps you train live with members of our community, so you can compete, encourage each other, and enhance your experience.

  • Train with Fitness Experts

    Using Optical Flow technology, we bring the best fitness experts directly to you. There’s no guessing about what you need to do. Our trainers provide real-time instruction, so you get the most out of your workout.

  • Real-Time, Personalized Stats

    Don’t guess how you’re performing. Reflect™ by Echelon offers real-time, personalized stats on your heart rate, calories burned, abilities, goals, and more. We’ll help you reach your personal best and go further than ever before.



Plan Echelon Reflect Subscription Pay Today Shipping
Monthly $999.99 $39.99/mo. $1,039.98 $99
(Most Popular!)
$999.99 $399.99 for 12 mos.
($79.89 Savings!)
$1,399.98 FREE*
2 Year
(Best Value!)
$999.99 $599.99 for 24 mos.
($359.77 Savings!)
$1,599.98 FREE*

*Continental US Only.

The Reflect App provides totally immersive fitness in the comfort and convenience of your own home. From warm up to cool down, Reflect will help you stay motivated and get the most out of your exercise routine. You can even track progress and link your Facebook, Fitbit®, and Strava accounts to compete with your friends and family!